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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, friends. thank you to those of you who are on this journey with us: tomorrow is the IUI (intrauterine insemination) day aka "hopeful conception' day. Just pray. More and more, I really do sense a peace settling on both of us, even though we do have our 'moments'. We did all the shots (actually, dg gave them and he is getting really good at it!) and we go in tomorrow at 1 pm for Dg to give the 'deposit' and then 2: 45 is the procedure. Then we just wait.

The more I pray, the more I wait, the more I actually listen: I really do know in my heart that God wants us to be parents. We just really keep praying that we will rely on him and be faithful to be the parents he is calling and preparing us to be if that makes sense. it may not happen in the way that we or everyone else hopes that it will, although it could....our biggest prayer is just that we would trust God and offer ourselves up to Him. We can't thank all of you enough for your prayers, friendship, support, and love. You bless us with His love.


Blogger DGH said...

I love you so much Girl! My prayers are with us both! you complete me!

9:22 PM  
Blogger kentuckysatellite said...

I have been thinking and praying about all this. I remembered something that happened to us when we were making huge decisions and hoping and praying for God's answers. A huge struggle at that time. When we finally stopped thinking of the answer in our terms, the way we saw an answer, our limited thinking of God's answer, when we finally settled into His answer, it all unfolded beatifully as only God can do. At several different times in my life, I have done this. I tell God how to answer my prayers. Sometimes when I finally surrender, He has a plan that was so much better than I could ever imagine. And sometimes, it DID look like I saw it. It's all in the relying on God. Which is soooooo hard...... soooooo hard...... and sounds so simple! I'm praying His blessing on you knowing He has a glorious plan for your parenthood!

7:44 AM  

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