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Thursday, February 01, 2007

My super fast running legs

Some of you may not know this, I was actually born with bilateral hip dysplazia and had surgery when I was 4 1/2 months old to grow sockets. i was in a spica cast for 9 months. Blah blah. I used to tell my friends in school that the reason I had to go to all these doctor appointments was that I had surgery to give me super fast running legs.

Well, it seems that the 'warranty' on those legs is running out. I have been having lots of hip discomfort for a few years now, but not really 'pain'. (it is really tough to explain) Basically, it is like I am a grandma with arthritis. But about 2 weeks ago or so, i hurt my right hip and now all i can think about is my leg just falling off. that would be awesome. I had a dream the other night that my leg just popped off like a lego. i kicked it, i was so happy.

I went to the hip doc...catch his name: Dr. Lim. ha ha

I had these xrays and i had an MRI on Tuesday. My doc is out of town until February 15th, though. So, let the waiting begin.

You know, it is weird kinda knowing all along that my hips were actually a gift. Kids a few years older than me were not able to live a 'normal' life like i have (well, normal as far as hips are concerned....the other is probably highly debated as to whether i am normal!). So, it is actually pretty amazing that i've had 32 good years. I am actually pretty ready for whatever happens, well, that is, other than for them to tell me that nothing is wrong.


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Keep the faith:)

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